Don’t Miss These New York City Office Moving Tips

Have an upcoming office move in New York City? While office moving can seem complex and hectic, simply being prepared and prioritizing organization can make your office move seamless and efficient. To that end, here are some tips for optimizing efficiency and organization during your New York City office moving project. Designate a move leader […]

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Office Moving on a Budget: 5 Tips to Keep in Mind

office interior

Office moving in New York City can be difficult enough. Doing it on a tight budget can make it even harder! For companies, organizations and institutions with limited budgets – small businesses, startups, nonprofit organizations and the like – office moving often presents a whole new dimension of issues due to budget constraints. Fortunately, there’s […]

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Commercial Moving: 6 Basic Tips for Getting Started

office moving

Commercial moving in a place as busy and complex as New York City can be a daunting task, especially for inexperienced companies. It usually takes months of planning, frequent meetings and many moving parts that have to fall into place exactly right. It’s no surprise then why many companies find even a simple relocation overwhelming! […]

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6 Tips for Building a Better Office Floorplan

office floorplan

Office floorplans can sometimes make or break a new office location. For companies looking into commercial moving in New York City, the office moving process can be seen as a great opportunity to optimize your new office floorplan. The benefits of crafting a new floorplan can be numerous, such as boosting efficiency, promoting inter-departmental cooperation […]

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5 Tips for Preparing Your Employees for an Office Move

office employees

Commercial moving, especially in a place like the New York City area, requires a lot of careful planning and preparation. While in the midst of the commercial moving process, it’s important to not forget about your employees and the effects the move will have on them. As important as creating moving checklists, drawing up floorplans […]

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