5 Tips for Reducing Office Moving Stress

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Commercial moving can be very complex and chaotic, especially in a place like New York City. There’s office movers to hire, moving checklists to draw up, timelines to schedule and an entire office to get ready to pack up! While commercial moving in New York City can certainly be stressful, it doesn’t have to be if you’re prepared and well-organized for it. By following a few simple tips like utilizing commercial storage and creating moving timelines and schedules, you can greatly reduce your office moving stress and enjoy a smooth, seamless office relocation. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind!

Create Commercial Moving Checklists and Timelines

Staying organized and efficient is key when starting the office moving process. To that end, always be sure to create a detailed moving checklist of everything that needs to be done beforehand. This can include items like hiring office movers, drawing up new floorplans, scouting and leasing a new office location and the like. It’s also a good idea to create a reasonable moving timeline to help stay organized and prioritize as well.

Start Planning as Early as Possible

When it comes to moving your office, don’t wait until the last minute! The earlier you begin planning and preparing, the better. Give yourself at least six months at a minimum before your target moving date. Larger businesses should begin the process two years ahead at least.

Purge Old and Unneeded Office Content

Purging old and unnecessary office content is a great way to save money and valuable office space at your new location. Donating, selling of disposing of unneeded cubicles, furniture, electronics and the like can save you the headache of trying to cram it into your new office space or spend money on office storage.

Utilize Office Storage When Necessary

Office storage does come in handy, however, during an office relocation. It’s a great way to save space at your new location, especially if you’re downsizing or need temporary commercial storage in the weeks and months after you’ve relocated. Commercial storage, overall, is an efficient and economical way to reduce space (and stress!) during the commercial moving process.

Change Your Physical and Digital Addresses Ahead of Time

Although there’s a lot to do when planning for an office move, don’t forget to change your physical address. It’s also important to update your website, blog and social media accounts shortly before moving as well. This will avoid any address confusion after moving, preventing some major post-move headaches!