5 Tips for Preparing Your Employees for an Office Move

office employees

Commercial moving, especially in a place like the New York City area, requires a lot of careful planning and preparation. While in the midst of the commercial moving process, it’s important to not forget about your employees and the effects the move will have on them. As important as creating moving checklists, drawing up floorplans and crafting relocation budgets are, its critical to remember that your employees are the ones who make your business, organization or institution really work. To that end, here are 5 tips to keep in mind to help prepare your employees for an office move.

Communicate the Logistics of their Commute

Commuting logistics for employees is a vital yet sometimes overlooked aspect of office moving. When searching for a new business location, be sure to keep in mind proximity to transit routes that are accessible for your workforce. A company with a large suburban commuter workforce, for example, should make a point to choose a location accessible to a commuter hub such as Penn Station, Grand Central Terminal or the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Be sure to have an open conversation with your employees about their commute needs and what the best way to reach the new location is.

Research the Amenities of the Neighborhood

Before moving, do some quick research on places to eat and shop nearby and share them with your employees. It’s a simple yet effective way to let them know you’ve taken their needs into account and to help them adjust to your new location quickly.

Inform them of Workspace Sizes

Inform employees of the size of their new workstations before moving. This will help know what to expect and what, if anything, they can bring with them from home or their old office workstation.

Send Weekly Email Updates

As your commercial moving process gets underway, send out weekly email updates about how things are progressing. This is a great way to keep employees informed and to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Designate a Point of Contact for Moving-Related Questions

Always designate a point of contact, preferably an HR professional, in which all commercial moving questions should be directed to. Doing so is an efficient and simple way to ensure that any questions are addressed in a timely and reliable fashion.