Office moving can be difficult, especially in New York City. As the New York metropolitan area’s premier office movers and storage company since 1974, Eagle Transfer offers a wealth of experience with every aspect of commercial moving. Corporate relocation really is a team sport that requires coordination, communication and preparation from clients and office movers alike. To help ensure a seamless and hassle-free office relocation, be sure to follow these helpful tips. Doing so can help your move go efficiently and ultimately without a hitch.

Before The Move

  • Always reserve any loading docks and elevators needed to allow your office movers to transfer your office content efficiently and seamlessly.
  • Always contact your insurance company to discuss coverage during your relocation.
  • Inform your clients, customers and the general public of your move via email newsletters, social media and the like.
  • Update your physical and digital addresses shortly before your move.
  • Create a proper checklist and conduct an office inventory.
  • Make arrangements for office storage services if needed.
  • Purge any unneeded documents and papers before your move.
  • Designate a point of contact that employees should direct any moving-related questions to and send out weekly progress emails to employees.
  • Make notes and take pictures of any damaged office content before the move begins.
  • Create an intuitive floorplan several weeks in advance of your move.

During the Move

  • Conduct a prep meeting with your mover immediately before the relocation process starts.
  • Ensure that all employees have tagged their content properly and have left on-time.
  • Stay in touch with employees in the final days before your move to ensure that packing is going well and any questions are quickly addressed.

After the Move

  • Take a post-move inventory to make note of any items that have been damaged.
  • Create a checklist of issues that still need to be addressed.