Tuesday Tips: Office Moving Tips for Managers

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Tuesday Tips!

This week, we’ll take a quick look at some commercial moving tips for managers in New York City. The workday for managers is tough enough, with supervising employees, scheduling client meetings, completing projects and meeting deadlines all taking up a lot of time and energy. How do you make sure your company’s commercial moving project goes smoothly too? Keeping a few simple tips in mind can help make the commercial moving process a lot easier and much more efficient! Here are just a few to keep in mind as your planned office move approaches.

  • Keep your employees engaged and informed. First and foremost, it’s important to always keep your employees informed and engaged as to what’s happening with the upcoming office relocation. Tell them right away about the planned office move and be upfront as to what needs to be accomplished. Set reminders on your calendar on what the key deadlines are, such as when an office purge should be completed or when all workstations should be packed up and vacated before the move actually occurs.
  • Create moving checklists and timelines. It’s also a good idea to create moving checklists and timelines for your department. This is a simple but very effective way to make sure that key tasks have been completed and everything is on track. It can also help to prioritize what needs to be completed soon as well.
  • Contact your clients. If you manage a client-facing department, it’s critical to contact your clients as soon as you know about the move and tell them about how it affects them in any way. Be sure to plan any meetings, conference calls or project deadlines around the move and make a point to tell them about any changes that may impact them as well, such as changing a planned move date or when your office will be fully vacated before the office move begins.
  • Make it a team effort. Finally, it’s important to remember that commercial moving is always a team effort at its core. Enlist the help of your employees in tasks like office purging, communicating with clients, finishing up major projects before the move starts and the like. As the saying goes; many hands make light work!