5 Essential Tips for Moving Your New York City Business

Office moving in New York City can be a complex and costly endeavor for even large companies used to moving about. From hiring office movers to drawing up new floorplans, there’s certainly plenty to do before an office relocation even gets underway! Oftentimes, it’s good to take a step back and follow a “back to the basics” approach when dealing with the complexity of commercial moving in New York City. To that end, here are five essential tips for moving your New York City business!

Hire Office Movers Months in Advance

When it comes to hiring office movers, don’t wait until the last minute! Hire your professional office movers several months in advance to ensure a seamless and efficient move. Waiting until a week or two before moving will only make for a rushed, disorganized and chaotic office move!

Scout Out a New Location Carefully

Early on in the commercial moving process, scout out several new potential office locations. While office size, projected growth and finances are always critical to keep in mind, it’s also important to take into account factors such as access to nearby transportation options and proximity to your customers and clients. Once your new office location is locked down, draw up new floorplans to optimize the office space and promote efficiency and communications between your employees.

Create Moving Budgets and Timelines

In addition, always create moving budgets and timelines early on in the office moving process. An office moving budget is a great way to help track expenses and their impact on your bottom line while moving timelines can help to prioritize key tasks and stay organized, efficient and on-track.

Create a Detailed Moving Checklist

Even before hiring commercial movers or drawing up new office floorplans, always create a detailed moving checklist as soon as you decide to relocate your offices. A moving checklist is a great way to help stay organized as well as to prioritize what needs to be done first and foremost. A few items to include on an office moving checklist include drawing up floorplans, hiring a commercial moving company, locking down a new office location and creating a moving budget.

Obtain Certificates of Insurance and Other Legal Documentation

Finally, always be sure to obtain any Certificates of Insurance and other legal documents before moving. This will ensure that your commercial movers have access to your current and new buildings and avoid any unexpected surprises at the last-minute!