6 Tips for Building a Better Office Floorplan

office floorplan

Office floorplans can sometimes make or break a new office location. For companies looking into commercial moving in New York City, the office moving process can be seen as a great opportunity to optimize your new office floorplan. The benefits of crafting a new floorplan can be numerous, such as boosting efficiency, promoting inter-departmental cooperation, and cutting costs by downsizing. Here are just six tips to consider for building a better office floorplan when commercial moving.

Group Teams and Office Content Together for Communication and Efficiency

Does your company have several teams or departments that work closely together but are on opposite sides of a large office? Your new floorplan should put them close together to greatly improve communication and efficiency. A similar concept should be considered for your office content, such as placing a photocopier closer to an office supplies cabinet to maximize efficiency.

Consider an Open Floorplan

Look at the commercial moving process as an opportunity to finally move towards an open floorplan. Many companies have switched towards flexible, open floorplans in recent years in order to maximize collaboration, efficiency and communication between employees. If your office is too cramped and segregated, moving towards an open floorplan can have great benefits for your employees – and bottom line!

Utilize Smaller Spaces

While open floorplans have many benefits and advantages for companies, sometimes employees need smaller, more private spaces in order to concentrate and strategize. To that end, try to craft a flexible floorplan that can be reconfigured into smaller spaces with moveable walls, workstations and furniture. Doing so can offer some sense of privacy for employees while still reaping the benefits of an open floorplan. In addition, a private office room could be turned into a small meeting room rather than an individual office in order to maximize space for employees.

Promote Collaboration and Cooperation

Commercial moving into a new office is also an opportunity to improve cooperation and collaboration among employees. This can be achieved with a bench-like tables as employee workstations, setting aside lounge areas for employees to mingle and share ideas and utilizing a flexible, open floorplan.

Utilize Flexible Seating

Having employees sit wherever they want can boost morale, increase productivity and promote superior communication and collaboration. Try it for your new office floorplan!

Look into Seating Alternatives

In recent years, many studies have been conducted about the detrimental effects of sitting at a desk for too long. Instead, try alternative seating options such as standing workstations and yoga ball chairs for a more productive, healthier workforce.