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We've moved more than three million personal computers since 1974, making us seasoned technology relocation experts.

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At Eagle Transfer, we offer deep experience with technology relocation and have the means and knowledge to safely and securely move your technology from Point A to Point B.

Safe & Secure

Having a business relocation doesn’t necessarily mean you have to feel “technologically impaired” for a long length of time. Whether you’re moving an entire trading floor, server room, desktop equipment or anything else in between, Eagle Transfer offers the qualified, experienced and knowledgeable professionals you can trust with this key aspect of commercial move.

Technology Relocation NYC

We Have Your Back

Having relocated more than three million computers since 1974, Eagle Transfer is a seasoned expert in this important aspect of commercial moving. By employing a custom designed, heavy duty tri-wall corrugated bin and a thick monitor “bubble bag,” we offer the greatest possible protection of what is often a company’s most valuable resource. By also wrapping your technology and digital devices in clean, static free blankets, we provide an additional layer of security to assure a safe arrival at your new office.

Technology Relocation NYC


When disconnecting and reconnecting personal computers, Eagle Transfer will develop a custom made list to meet our clients needs and help ensure that all technology is properly connected and ready for business as soon as possible. Our commitment to safety, efficiency and professionalism will help ensure that all of your technology is transported securely and ready for use upon the completion of the move.

Project Management

In addition to all of this, we also offer many features that separate us from the competition when it comes to technology relocation. These include:

Seasoned Project Management
Corporate Management
Storage Space
Modern Fleet
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Stop worrying about any moving problems. Focus on your business. Let us provide the support you deserve.

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We offer the experience, professionalism and reliability to manage and execute the most simplistic or complex commercial relocations.
Commercial Office Moving NYC
Commercial Office Moving NYC