office liquidation

In addition to professional commercial moving and storage services in New York City, Eagle Transfer also offers professional office liquidation services for all of our clients. As many office leases typically stipulate that all office space must be vacated upon the expiration of a tenant’s lease, office liquidations can help to ensure that your office space is completely empty after your move, avoiding any penalties by the landlord.

Additionally, liquidation can also help to reduce your costs and take out any of the hassle associated by removing unwanted office furniture and other content, saving clients a lot of headaches and complications during a complex relocation process. Before deciding that office liquidations are right for your business, organization or institution, it’s important to understand how they work and the benefits that they offer.

How it Works

Office liquidation typically occurs immediately after a corporate relocation has taken place. Upon the vacating of the office space, professional office liquidators will enter and de-install and dispose of any remaining office content, such as cubicles and furniture. The empty office space is then cleaned and left in “broom swept” condition, as required in most commercial office leases nowadays. The end result is a completely empty office space, ready for a new tenant in the future.


Office liquidation can offer many benefits for clients who choose to partake in it. It can completely eliminate the expensive and time-consuming process of liquidating the office all by yourself, greatly reducing the complexity and cost of your move. It also can eliminate the need for storage space for unwanted office content as well, saving your business additional money. Finally, it ensures professional de-installation and disposal of unwanted office content and a professional broom sweeping of the vacant office space, fulfilling most lease requirements and preventing tenants from incurring any penalties, additional charges or legal issues.

Why Eagle Transfer is Your Best Bet

When it comes to commercial liquidations in New York City, Eagle Transfer is the company you can trust. Since 1974, we’ve been New York City’s professional office liquidators of choice and have successfully performed office liquidations for many companies, institutions and organizations of all sizes. Our unique combination of experience, professionalism and commitment to quality will ensure that your commercial liquidation goes seamlessly and hassle-free.

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