Safeguarding Fine Art: A Moving Company’s Guide to Moving Precious Masterpieces

Moving fine art requires meticulous planning, careful handling, and a trusted team of professionals. Whether you’re relocating a priceless portrait of your company’s founder or transporting valuable artwork for a gallery exhibition, ensuring their safety and preservation is critical. Eagle Transfer is here to offer guidance, considerations, and preparation tips to safeguard your priceless treasures during the moving process.

Assessing Your Artwork: Well before the moving day, it’s essential to evaluate the nature and
fragility of your artwork. Consider:

– Size and Weight: Determine the dimensions and weight of each piece to facilitate appropriate packing and handling arrangements.

– Material and Medium: Different types of artworks (paintings, sculptures, ceramics, etc.) require specific handling techniques and packaging materials.

– Fragility: Assess the susceptibility of artworks to damage from vibrations, temperature fluctuations, and physical impact.

Preparing for the Move: Preparation is key to ensuring a smooth and secure transition for your fine art collection. Here are some essential steps to take:

– Documentation: Create a detailed inventory of your artwork, including photographs and descriptions. This will serve as a reference point if there are any discrepancies or damage during the move.

– Customized Packing: Professional art handlers like Eagle can develop customized packing solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each artwork. For example, acid-free materials, custom crates, and protective layers.

Selecting the Right Moving Company: Choosing a reputable and experienced moving company is crucial for the safe transport of fine art. Here’s how to vet potential movers:

– Specialized Expertise: Look for moving companies with a proven track record in handling fine art and valuable collectibles. Inquire about their experience, training programs for staff, and any certifications or affiliations with industry organizations.

– References and Reviews: Seek recommendations from trusted sources, such as art galleries, museums, or fellow collectors. Research online reviews and testimonials to gauge the reputation and reliability of the moving company.

– Customized Solutions: Select movers who offer personalized services tailored to the unique requirements of fine art transportation. This may include white-glove handling, climate-controlled vehicles, and secure storage options.

– Insurance and Liability: Verify the moving company's insurance coverage and liability policies to ensure adequate protection for your artworks. Clarify any questions or concerns regarding coverage limits, deductibles, and claims procedures.

Coordination and Communication: Effective communication and coordination are essential for a successful fine art move. Here are some tips to facilitate a seamless process:

– Designate a Point of Contact: Nominate a primary contact person within your organization to oversee the moving logistics of the artwork alone. This may be different from your office manager or the person who is tasked with overseeing the move.

– Clear Instructions: Provide detailed instructions to the movers regarding handling protocols, placement preferences, and any specific concerns or restrictions.

Post-Move Inspection and Care: Upon arrival at your new Manhattan address, conduct a thorough inspection of your artwork to check for any signs of damage or discrepancies.

– Documenting Condition: Compare the condition of each artwork with your pre-move inventory documentation. Take photographs of any visible damage or irregularities for insurance claims purposes.

– Unpacking and Installation: Work with your mover to carefully unpack and install your artwork. Before-hand, you and your movers should understand best practices for handling and displaying fine art to minimize the risk of accidents or damage.

If you’re starting to plan your corporate relocation and fine art is part of the mix, entrust your valuables to Eagle Transfer, the leader in commercial moving in NYC since 1974.