All warehouses and storage facilities are not the same. Some offer pick and pack services, some are storage only. Some are long-term, some are short-term. Often times, businesses need storage due to a lack of space at their office. Or there may be a gap during the commercial moving process, creating a need for commercial storage space.

ONE: Security.
Is the facility monitored 24/7 for foul play, tampering, break-ins, and even worse – flooding or fire? Security systems and real-time alerts should notify you if there is any kind of problem with your unit. Ensure fireproofing, fire detection and fire suppression systems are in place before you sign.

TWO: Ease of loading and unloading.
Is your unit on the third floor? Are there ample elevators? Loading docks? If you’re moving multiple heavy items you may want a ground floor access and egress. Or if you plan to access your unit frequently – loading in loading out. If you plan on storing long-term, third-floor unit might not be a problem.

THREE: Automated Inventory system
When warehousing items for an extended period of time you may forget what’s in there? If there’s no plan in place for managing inventory, it can lead to frustration. Our browser-based inventory system allows you to see what you have in your storage unit and access it quickly. Every item is documented electronically for fast searching. All of your storage items are trackable from your computer or even your mobile phone, giving you real-time control.

FOUR: Climate control.
Extreme temperatures can affect storage units, wreaking havoc on artwork and other valuables. Extreme cold could cause items to crack and break – extreme heat can cause items to melt/stick together.

FIVE: Price per square foot.
Everything’s more expensive in Manhattan. That’s why Eagle Transfer has affordable warehouses just outside of the city in Secaucus, New Jersey. Our state-of-the-art storage facility is close enough to be convenient and easily accessible – just one stop away from Penn Station on New Jersey Transit rail services – but far enough outside of the city to achieve great cost savings.

If you’re in search of a warehouse for long-term or short-term storage, Eagle Transfer is the solution.