If you’re looking for an experienced commercial mover who says they operate in New York City, you want to make sure they really know the ins and outs of Manhattan. We’re not just talking about one-way streets, but they really know what it takes to perform a multi-faceted relo in the City.

Estimating correctly: “Is that all gonna fit?” When the trucks are on-site and the heat is on… the last thing you want to consider is that you might need another truck and another team of movers. Our expert project managers have been spec-ing out moves for decades and can estimate the number of boxes, padded blankets, custom-built boxes, professional movers and trucks needed to move any Manhattan-based business – large or small.

Elevator use: On a large commercial relocation, you don’t want movers to be standing around waiting for elevators to arrive. Our Friday-night moves are run like well-oiled machines, and by working with the property managers, we’re able to secure all elevators (or at least most!) for our exclusive use. This saves movers time, and could save you money in the long run.

Professional Moving Company Manhattan

Construction is complete: What a terrible situation – the movers can’t put protective blankets on the walls because the paint isn’t dry. Or worse, the sheet-rock and taping crews are still on-site working. Our experienced project management team knows that this is a critical step to confirm before one single box is loaded onto the truck. Is the carpet installed? Is the paint dry? Are the cubicles ready? Is IT done running wires? Because if the space isn’t fitted out and ready for the move – we can’t begin.

Permits and COI. A certificate of insurance is required before moving an office. Be sure to obtain any necessary COIs several days ahead of your relocation. Plus, other high-traffic areas or properties may require special permits or permissions. (See our case study about moving a business located in the historic Empire State Building!) After nearly 50 years in the business, Eagle Transfer knows the ins and outs of commercial moving in Manhattan and can perform your office relocation safely, efficiently and legally. Call for an estimate today!

Bridges: When you’re hiring a mover and they say they’re in the New York metro area, they could be coming from Jersey or from Westchester. Do they know about the really low bridges in Queens? The one on the Belt Parkway is only a little under 10’ – is that truck going to clear it? And how about the one on Grand Central Parkway and 69th? Again, that’s under 10’. We’ve all seen horrifying images of trucks with their roofs peeled back by a low bridge. You don’t want this to happen when it’s your company’s equipment inside that truck.