10…9…8…Moving on January 1st

Each year, an estimated one million spectators flock to Times Square to watch the ball drop. The glittering, mesmerizing ball is an astonishing 12 feet in diameter and is covered in Waterford Crystal triangles and brilliant LED lights. At 11:59, the crowd gathered holds their collective breaths as the ball descends. People cheer. Lovers kiss. Glasses clink. Champagne pops. Strangers hug. What is more iconic than watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve?

But, what if you’re a business owner and your lease ends on December 31st? What if you need to move your business on the craziest night in Manhattan?

After 75 years in business, there isn’t much that Eagle Transfer hasn’t seen or done. Including commercial moves on New Year’s Eve. Do we recommend it? Nah. Can we do it? It depends.

One of the biggest obstacles is the influx of people – pedestrians, Ubers, people on bikes, and the foolish ones who drove into the city and circle for hours trying to park. As early as midnight on the 31st, portions of the area around Times Square are closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic – and then by 3 p.m. the entire perimeter is closed from 6th Ave to 8th Ave and from 41st Street to 49th. So, if your new office space is within that area, your move would need to be executed prior to December 31st to allow our trucks access.

If your new space is in the area… but not within that perimeter that’s blocked off, well, it is possible, but still not recommended. Increases in traffic, police detail and pedestrians who may be intoxicated and prone to jay-walking make safely operating large trucks perilous. Your cargo’s safety, the safety of our staff and the safety of New York is our top priority. That’s why our project managers will encourage you and your ops team to execute the move as far in advance of January 1st as possible – with as little disruption to your business as possible.

Another solution – if you need to vacate your office space but can’t move over New Year’s is to move your office in December and temporarily use Eagle Transfer’s office storage solutions. We offer tens of thousands of square feet of state-of-the-art storage space for short-term and long-term needs. For companies with gaps in their leases – or unique situations like December 31st present – commercial storage is a smart and convenient solution.

Another consideration – moving on a holiday can be costly for your business. Some union employees can be paid time-and-one half for work performed on holidays including New Year’s Day. Most moves are scheduled at night to cause minimal downtime – and minimal disruption to other tenants. But as of 12:01 a.m., movers could be charging time and a half. Eagle Transfer moving professionals are signed to Teamsters Local 814, providing reliable, secure and respectful service – a project manager can offer you information about national holiday rates and availability.