It’s no secret that the last (almost) two years have been challenging for New York City businesses. (Hey, not just us, businesses around the world are facing the same issues!) Here’s a look at some of the corporate trends we’re seeing at Eagle – as a result of the pandemic, work-from-home mandates and return-to-work orders.

Space Layout Planning & Design: Commercial office movers are using their expertise to help companies reconfigure and restructure their office space. Now that many offices have re-opened, they’re in need of revamping to maintain safe distance between cubicles, reinventing common work areas and making conference rooms and training centers safer. Eagle Transfer’s project managers can advise companies of all sizes on appropriate space utilization and safe occupancy to help minimize contact and thwart the spread of germs, while also defining the best layout for your company’s new office environment.

Planning Office Moving

Downsizing: As a result of the pandemic, many NYC companies are downsizing their office footprint to match their new corporate environments – allowing employees to work remotely permanently and having office space only for essential workers. For companies like this, Eagle can help move offices, decommission unwanted furniture and equipment, and dispose of unwanted or outdated electronics, safely and effectively. We can also offer long-term and short-term storage in our state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled warehouse – perfect for office furniture you may have purchased but no longer need (today). Furniture storage is a smart idea, so if you decide to ramp up your office space again in the future, you’ll be ready. Think couches, cubicle walls and chairs – items like monitors and printers may become obsolete while in storage. We can help you decide what’s worth saving and what should be disposed of.

Lease Surrendering: A lease surrender agreement happens when a tenant wants to surrender their lease before the end of its term. Maybe they’ve folded… maybe they’ve grown too big for the space… maybe the office space has structural integrity problems that the tenant doesn’t want to deal with. Or maybe it’s just… Covid. If the market rate in the area has increased, some landlords may welcome a lease surrender so they can adjust the rate and charge a new tenant more. Eagle Transfer isn’t a law firm, so we would recommend that a commercial tenant retain an NYC Real Estate Lawyer to negotiate a formal lease surrender agreement. But once the agreement is in place, we can help provide expertise and guidance when navigating your end-of-lease agreement and closing processes with your previous landlord, including the move-out date and condition of the premises at the time of surrender.

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