Lately, if feels like so many businesses in NYC need to move for one reason or another. “My lease is up and I need to move.” “I’m downsizing and I need to move my business.” But you may be asking yourself “How do I move my business?” Here are the top three reasons why you should choose a local commercial mover for office moving, moving a lab, liquidation services or corporate relocation.

Local Moving Company Manhattan

1. Locals know the ins and outs of the city.
While it may be enticing to look for a national moving company, national long-distance movers like Corovan, Office Movers, National Van Lines, Johnson Logistics… they’re not from here. They may not know about the commercial vehicle restrictions on the Henry Hudson Parkway, the Belt, the Hutch, FDR Drive and more. And even worse, there are some areas of the city that have commercial vehicle restrictions block-by-block – portions of Fifth Avenue, Park Avenue and the Brooklyn Bridge have restrictions for commercial vehicles and are signed accordingly. No national moving company is going to be as familiar with our roads as our drivers and our project managers are.

2. They don’t live here.
Covid has been hard on all of us. Nurses, teachers, professionals, sales reps, daycare workers, utility workers, subway drivers, waiters, advertising execs, small businesses like bookstore and café owners, actors on Broadway… we’ve all felt the effects of Covid and how it’s impacted our daily lives and the lives of our families. Well, according to the CDC, it’s not over, but things have eased up a bit and we’re going back to work and feeling a bit more normal. But so many New Yorkers have been out of work, it’s staggering. Eagle Transfer can humbly say that our business has been steady during the pandemic – but that’s why we’re even more committed to employing New Yorkers. Our office workers. Our truck drivers and movers. Our project managers. Eagle wants to support our community and the people in it. Since 1974, we’ve been a local moving company and employing people from all walks of life, and we intend to keep doing it.

3. We’re union and we prioritize safety.
Our moving professionals are proud to be signed to Teamsters Local 814. Teamsters Local 814 represents professional movers in New York City. They’re dedicated to improving members’ workplaces by ensuring fair pay, safe conditions and quality benefits. Our union movers at Eagle Transfer have the backing pf Teamsters Local 814, meaning they’re reliable, professional and ready to provide the best corporate relocation services in the industry. Many have a high-level security clearance, including access cards from the Secure Worker Access Consortium (SWAC). Plus, each Local 814 member has a verifiable profile in our central database, which includes all contact and other relevant information. Local 814 is an active supporter of the New York City Building and Construction Trades safety agenda, and certifies workers in OSHA training to minimize the risk of accidents on job sites.