Ah, technology. What would we do without it? Computers, printers, scanners, VOIP phones… they all make work more productive, don’t they? But when it’s time to relocate your New York City office, moving the technology can feel daunting. If your company has hundreds of “seats” (computers) your IT department will be fielding questions left and right.

Does this cable need to be packed? What about peripherals like my headset, mouse and keyboard? How can I protect this state-of-the-art monitor from getting cracked? And what about security? Will my hard drive be protected and safe throughout the move? When you contract with Eagle Transfer, the answers to these questions is already thought out.

When we move your office technology, we keep these 3 goals in mind:

1. Keep downtime and disruptions to a minimum – get all staff members connected and up and running as quickly as possible.

2. Our experienced team will meet with your IT department so there are no missteps. Do they want some cables color coded? Do they want excess monitors liquidated?

3. Protect valuable electronic equipment from damage and from security breaches.

Here’s a checklist of what an IT move entails.

1. Start planning months ahead to ensure the correct resources are assigned to the project. Our project managers understand the complexities of IT moves and have years of expertise.

2. Efficiently disconnecting, relocating and reconnecting all of the workstations and technology devices needed at your new office space.

3. We’ll work with your IT department for clean rooms, mainframes, switches and server rooms.

4. If you have specialty equipment like medical devices, spectrometers or other sensitive lab equipment – we can custom-build protective crates to ensure they’re moved safely.

5. Finally, we’ll ensure connections are working and all stations have internet access when the move is complete.

Don’t trust your technology relocation to just any commercial mover. Your intellectual property, data and uptime are too important to take a gamble on. Contract with a company that specializes in IT moves. Since 1974, Eagle Transfer’s experienced team has moved more than 3 million personal computers, making us seasoned technology relocation experts.