Office Storage: Why Eagle Transfer Soars Above the Competition

office storage

Recently, Eagle Transfer relocated its office storage warehouse to a new facility just minutes from Manhattan in Secaucus, New Jersey. Our new facility offers improved commercial storage space for all of our clients as well as a prime location that’s easily accessible from New York City and the rest of the New York metropolitan area. But with all of the other storage warehouses and companies in the New York metropolitan area, how does Eagle Transfer separate itself from the competition to go above and beyond what others offer? Here’s a quick look at why Eagle Transfer really soars above the competition when it comes to office storage!

Convenient Location

Our new, cutting-edge office storage facility offers a very convenient location in Secaucus, New Jersey, just minutes from Manhattan and easily accessible from the entire New York metropolitan area. The new warehouse is just a short walk from the nearby Secaucus Junction New Jersey Transit station and is also very close to the New Jersey Turnpike and several New Jersey Transit bus routes as well. New York City’s Penn Station is just a few minutes away by rail, offering convenient access to and from the warehouse from the city itself.

Safe and Private

The warehouse offers top-flight security measures and a secure, private location to store key documents, artwork, valuables and the like. This gives our clients a peace of mind and allows them to focus on their business, not worrying about anything else.

Cutting-Edge Inventory Tracking System

Our new warehouse offers a customized racking system to ensure efficient use of space and timely, accurate inventory tracking and management. In addition to this, we also offer a computerized, digital photo inventory system that allows for customer access, allowing you to see exactly what’s stored in our facilities for yourself.

Professional Services Available

Eagle Transfer offers far more than just a safe, secure and convenient location for commercial storage. We also offer a wide array of professional services that includes professional furniture delivery and installation, offsite receiving and delivering and even an Art department staffed by professionals to assist with packing and crating, storage and local, regional and international shipping for your company’s valuables.

Climate-Controlled Environment

Finally, our new office storage warehouse offers a secure, climate-controlled environment that allows for an optimal storage environment throughout the year. No matter what you have stored with us, it’ll stay in prime condition!