Beyond Commercial Moving: A Look at Eagle Transfer’s Other Services


Here at Eagle Transfer, we’re proud to be New York City’s commercial moving experts of choice since 1974. Over the decades, we’ve helped everyone from Fortune 500 companies to major hotel brands to retail establishments move all around the New York City area. Our range of services, however, extend far beyond commercial moving for our clients. Here’s a quick look at a few more of our services beyond office moving.

Office Storage

In addition to our commercial moving services, Eagle Transfer also offers professional office storage. Our 200,000 square-foot storage warehouse, conveniently located in Long Island City just minutes from Manhattan, is perfect for both short-term and long-term commercial storage needs. Our state-of-the-art facility offers 24/7 security, a climate-controlled environment, a digital inventory for easy tracking and storage and an advanced computerized database. In addition to all of this, we also offer furniture delivery and installation services and offsite receiving for both new and existing furniture.

Art Storage

We also specialize in professional art storage services as well. Our 200,000 square-foot cutting-edge facility offers plenty of space for storing artwork and other valuables and is equipped with advanced climate-control features, 24/7 perimeter security and state-of-the-art fireproofing. Our professional and highly experienced Art Department staff works closely with interior designers, auctioneers and professional art dealers to ensure that all of your art storage needs are fully met.

Office Liquidations

As New York City’s leading office movers, we also offer professional office liquidation services for our clients. Office liquidations involves the deinstallation and disposal of any remaining office content, such as cubicles and furniture, once an office space has been vacated by Eagle Transfer’s professional office movers, leaving the vacant space in “broom-swept” condition for the next tenant to move in. This not only helps save companies time and money, but also ensures that most lease conditions are met.

Post-Move Services

When the commercial moving process is complete, most other office movers will simply move on no matter how the job went. Eagle Transfer does things differently. After a commercial relocation has taken place, we are available as needed to provide post-move support and help desk assistance. Eagle Transfer can have professional office movers onsite as needed once a move has taken place to assist employees with unpacking, locating items, shifting furniture, becoming acclimated to their new office space and even preparing “welcome kits” with information about the new office location and neighborhood.