Building a Better Office Floorplan: A Few Tips to Keep in Mind

Commercial moving in New York City can sometimes seem like more hassle than its worth, but it offers the opportunity to craft a new, better office floorplan for your company. All too often, many businesses are stuck with outdated, inefficient floorplans that no longer suit their needs in the present or future. Commercial moving offers the perfect opportunity to correct this! But how should companies go about this? Read on to find out how your company can build a new and improved office floorplan that goes hand in hand with your commercial moving project!

Use an Open Floorplan

These days, more and more companies have begun to switch to open floorplans for a variety of reasons. Generally, open floorplans offer increased flexibility as well as opportunities for different teams of employees to communicate and collaborate more effectively. If you’re looking to maximize efficiency and make it easier for your employees to communicate, an open floorplan is a great idea!

Reduce Filing Cabinets with Cloud Computing

Your new office offers the perfect opportunity to finally get rid of those bulky filing cabinets taking up space in your office. Instead, switch to cloud computing via Google Drive, Dropbox or a similar program to save space and optimize your new floorplan for collaboration and efficiency!

Optimize Efficiency

When getting ready for a commercial moving project in New York City, concentrate on making your new office as efficient as possible. This can be accomplished by grouping different teams and departments that work closely together physically near each other as well as implementing a similar system for your office content, such as placing your printers and copiers next to your office supply cabinet.

Consider Downsizing

Downsizing used to be a dirty word with a certain stigma attached to it, but with New York City real estate so expensive and at a premium in terms of available space more than ever, downsizing certainly makes sense – even for growing companies! Utilizing a smaller and more efficient office, conducting an office purge before moving and turning underused spaces in your new office into meeting rooms or something similar are all ways to effectively downsize while saving money too!

Promote Collaboration Among Departments

Your new office should ideally utilize an open floorplan with departments and teams that work closely together strategically located nearby each other. This way, your company can promote collaboration and teamwork as well as effectively improve communication on key projects!