5 Tips for Organizing Documents

organizing documents

With all of the planning and preparation that goes into commercial moving in New York City, its’ easy to forget about proper document organization. However, without adequately organizing important documents for office moving or storage, your company runs the risk of losing or misplacing them, creating problems with serious consequences. By taking the time to organize your documents effectively, you can help your office movers transfer them much more easily and avoid any serious problems down the line. Here are five tips to help organize your files for office moving or storage.

Catalog Your Documents

When preparing your documents for transfer by your office movers, be sure to create a catalog to help find and track them once in your new office. Ideally, the catalog should function the same way a table of contents does. This is a simple yet effective way to file and find all your key documents after moving or while they’re in office storage.

Organize Documents by Type

Another way to help your office movers and keep your documents orderly and organized is to organize them by type. Make a point to sort them into categories related to their function, such as tax documentation, payroll, contracts, financial statements, property files and the like. It’s generally a good idea keep the files your use most frequently in the front for easier access. This can also be seen as an opportunity to get rid of any unnecessary files, saving your company money and space.

Backup All Documents Digitally

Always be sure to backup any digital files on your computer before moving. As with physical files, always make a point to organize and label digital documents on your computer for easy sorting and access. In addition, always protect your digital documents with password encryption and the latest security features.

Photocopy Key Documents

For your most important documents, always make photocopies and place them in a separate file. It’s a simple but very useful way to ensure you have extra copies on hand in case any get lost, stolen or misplaced, minimizing any disruption to your business.

Purge Unneeded Documents

To lighten the load of your office movers, cut costs and save space at your new office, always purge any unneeded documents. This is a great way to be economical in terms of moving and storage costs as well as maximize your new office space.