5 Tips for Internal Office Moves

office move

You’re only moving from one office floor to another in your building. Should be a piece of cake, right?

Many companies often underestimate just how complex and time-consuming internal office moving is. While it may seem easy at first to just relocate to another floor or other side of your current building, it still requires a lot of planning and preparation to succeed. Businesses who underestimate internal office moving often find themselves overwhelmed when it does actually happen, leading to unnecessary business disruptions that can cost you financially and lead to diminished productivity.

Fortunately, there’s a way to avoid all of this unnecessary hassle. By simply following a few tips, you can ensure your internal office move goes efficiently, seamlessly and without any serious problems.

Notify Your Building Manager in Advance

One of the key components of internal office moving is to notify your building manager well in advance of the actual move. If you’re doing a business hours move, it’s important to reserve elevators and loading docks. After-hours moves require adequate notification for building managers too, as some buildings may need to put in place special arrangements to allow commercial movers access to the building at night. Remember, communication is key!

Schedule the Move Outside of Regular Business Hours

Moving on nights or weekends can minimize business disruption and keep your workflow in good order. If possible, try to do your moving then.

Make the Most of Your Move

An internal move is a unique opportunity to redesign your plan floors, maximize efficiency in terms of space and create a more productive work environment. Take advantage of it!

Begin Planning Well in Advance

Even a relatively simple internal move requires weeks of advance planning. Be sure to draw up new floorplans, make a checklist and keep a clear line of communication with your commercial moving company.

Project Management is Key

Keep in close touch with your corporate moving company and make sure all employees who are moving have packed their crates and left the office when needed. Good coordination and communication with both your moving firm and employees are critical for a seamless internal move!