Why Your Business Should Relocate to: Rockefeller Center

rockefeller center

Few places in New York City offer the fame and iconic status that Rockefeller Center does. Long the home of Radio City Music Hall, the Top of the Rock observation deck, shops, restaurants and of course the famed ice skating rink and Christmas tree, it’s one of the city’s most celebrated and best-known landmarks. But is it a good place to do business?

A closer look reveals that locating a business at the complex offers many advantages. It boasts a prime location, easy access to nearby transit options, flexible office space and convenient proximity to nearby amenities both within the complex itself and throughout Midtown Manhattan. Here’s a quick look at why your business should consider relocating here.

Ideal Location and Excellent Transportation Options

Rockefeller Center enjoys a prime location, located at the heart of Midtown. This makes it very easy to reach from just about anywhere in the New York metropolitan area. Transit options are very convenient as well, as the complex offers direct access to the B, D, F and M trains. Many other subway lines can be found within walking distance while Grand Central Terminal, Penn Station and the Port Authority Bus Terminal are close by as well, offering easy access to the suburbs.

Flexible Office Space

The combination of the original 1930s office buildings of the complex and the newer “XYZ buildings” built in the 1960s and 1970s offers more than nine million square feet of quality office space suitable for financial firms, media companies and many other types of businesses. The combination of flexibility, location and amenities make the complex a very attractive option for many types of companies.

Outstanding Amenities Nearby

Yet another advantage of locating a business at Rockefeller Center are its outstanding amenities nearby. The complex itself is packed with shops and restaurants and also offers entertainment and leisure options courtesy of Radio City Music Hall and the Top of the Rock observation deck. In addition, many amenities can be found nearby, just a few of which include shops, restaurants, the Broadway theater district, the shops of Fifth Avenue and the charming Bryant Park.