Liquidating an Office: A Difficult Decision

Liquidating an office due to business closure is one of the many headaches a business owner or manager needs to address. There are so many difficult decisions that need to be made when closing a business, telling staff… informing customers… discontinuing service… the list of unpleasant tasks is endless. And disposing of years of work – file cabinets, racks and servers, product inventory – can be overwhelming. The professional office liquidators at Eagle Transfer understand how sensitive these decisions can be and can handle your office liquidation with ease – and humanity.

Things you can do:

Shred and dispose of unnecessary paperwork. Anything that you’re required to keep (tax records, for example) can be stored in our temperature-controlled warehouse.

Recycle, donate or dispose of anything you don’t want to put into storage. Boxes of letterhead and envelopes, corporate t-shirts, copier paper. Office furniture donation can be arranged through charities, shelters and other non-profits.

Work with your IT professionals to responsibly dispose of monitors and printers. Phones and computers should be wiped of all data and can be resold or recycled. Be sure to protect your employees’ data as well as customer/client data.

Hold a “fire sale.” If you’re sitting on extra inventory, give it to employees and other businesses in your building. Everything must go. Couches. Plants. Refrigerators. Consider donating items that have no resale value.

Things our office liquidators will do:

You’ll need to leave the office space in “broom swept” condition. Our professional movers will break down cubicles, and load furniture to be liquidated – chairs, desks, empty file cabinets, and other office furniture – into our trucks. We’ll clear all of the cables and wires, remove signage and return the space to the way it was when you moved in on day one. Failure to return the space to its original condition may result in fines. (That’s the last thing you need.)

Items You Can Liquidate

Conference room tables
Storage cabinets and filing cabinets
Office chairs
Guest chairs and couches
Bulletin boards and whiteboards
Filing cabinets

Since 1974, Eagle Transfer has been leader in commercial relocation, storage, FF&E, decommissioning and office liquidation in New York City. If you’re faced with the difficult decision of closing an office, let Eagle Transfer help.