Got Too Much Stuff? Our Office Liquidators Can Help

Liquidation is just one of the many services Eagle Transfer offers. Office liquidation involves selling off excess or unwanted office equipment and furniture. If you’re downsizing to a new office space with fewer square feet, you may need to liquidate furnishings. And if you’re closing an office location, you’ll want to get rid of everything and surrender the lease as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Eagle Transfer’s professional office liquidators are here to tell you everything you need to know about office liquidation.

Benefits of Office Liquidation

There are several benefits to liquidating your office equipment and furniture, including:

Cost Savings: Liquidating your office equipment and furniture instead of storing it will help you reduce monthly costs/overhead.

Increased Cash Flow: By selling off unwanted items, you can generate extra cash that can be put towards other business expenses or investments.

Environmental Responsibility: By selling or donating your unwanted office equipment and furniture, you’re keeping these items out of landfills and reducing waste.

The Office Liquidation Process

The process of office liquidation can vary depending on the items you are selling, but the basics are:

Sort and Organize: Start by sorting through your office equipment and furniture to determine what you no longer need or want. (Don’t pay for storage for things you’ll never use again!) This can help you get a better idea of what items are in good condition and can be liquidated and what items may need to be trashed or donated.

Consider Donating: For items that may not be able to be sold, consider office furniture donation. Many non-profits, schools, churches and charities accept donations and will upcycle items where possible.

Tagging and Labeling: If you’re moving to a new location and only want to liquidate some of your items, you can tag the items that are destined for liquidation, and those that are going to move to the new location. (Never pay to move items, and then liquidate them!)

Schedule a Pickup: If you’re closing an office, you can schedule a pickup of the items you want liquidated. Our team of professional movers will load the items up and help you get your space “broom swept.”

Rest assured, our office liquidators will help you get the best price for your items to minimize loss.

For more than 45 years, Eagle Transfer has been the superior commercial mover and office storage company in New York City. Our experience and professionalism set us apart from the rest – especially when dealing with sensitive decommissions and liquidations. If your company is faced with this difficult business decision, let Eagle Transfer make it a little easier.