What is Warehousing?

Warehousing means storing goods or products in a warehouse on behalf of another company; an essential part of the supply chain for most businesses that deal in commercial goods. This could mean holding a product before it ships to a customer, or holding products until they make their way to the next phase in the supply chain – another shipper or another business. Products can be warehoused for short-term or long-term periods.

Why is warehousing important?
Warehousing is an integral piece of the broader supply chain for physical products. Warehouses do not only serve as intermediary storage facilities — they also provide the ability for supply chain managers to reduce costs by optimizing inventory purchases, saving shipping costs and speeding up delivery times.

Our warehouses are set up properly with safe, reliable equipment, ready to receive raw materials inventory and store it properly. We have designated areas for receiving, unpacking, shelving, long-term storage, shipping and handling, and of course an office for paperwork.

Necessary: a temperature-controlled warehouse
We ensure a steady consistent temperature is maintained, even in the most sweltering New York summers and frigid winters. This is extremely important if you sell perishable goods or items that need to be maintained at a specific temperature, such as computer products or batteries. We always ensure that we have sufficient capacity and equipment to meet or exceed the needs of the shipping and logistics industry.

Other services
In addition to storage, US Fly Freight also provides cargo cross-docking. Cargo cross-docking is the ability to unload freight from an inbound load, and then load it directly into an outbound shipment with little to no storage in-between. Ask us about our real-time updates.

Additionally, we also offer palletization/crating, the service of placing goods together on top of a pallet to consolidate the load, making it easier for the handling equipment to transport it. The difference between palletization and crating is that crates provide more protection because the item is completely enclosed inside a wooden frame.

Every warehousing service we provide is unique and is assigned a dedicated and experienced team.

By combining shipping with warehousing and distribution, you benefit from a seamless end-to-end solution with fewer problems. Call for a free quote today.