Tuesday Tips: Pre-Moving Checklist


Welcome to this week’s edition of Tuesday Tips!

This week, we’ll take a quick look at what to do to get ready for your office move. Commercial moving in New York City is a complex task. Creating a commercial moving checklist of important items before you actually move, however, is a critical part of ensuring your office relocation goes seamlessly and efficiently. Here are just a few checklist items to keep in mind as you begin planning for your office move in New York City!

  • Create a commercial moving supervisory team to help with planning and preparation. Enlist the aid of supervisors and veteran employees to assist with your office move. This can help ensure oversight of pre-moving tasks and help newer employees with preparing for the relocation.
  • Draw up your new floorplan several weeks in advance. Commercial moving requires a lot of planning and preparation, but don’t leave your new office floorplan to the last minute! Craft a new floorplan several weeks in advance and look at it as an opportunity to optimize your new office space for efficiency and organization.
  • Create instruction sheets or emails for employees before the move begins. Create and distribute instruction packets or emails for employees that clearly lay out what they need to accomplish on their end before the move actually begins. A few items to include could be powering down and disconnecting their computers, placing any loose materials in moving bins, throwing out any unnecessary papers and office supplies and the like.
  • Take an inventory before your office move. Conducting a detailed inventory can help you get a better monetary estimate of your moving costs and also plan for any liquidation or storage of assets that may need to occur too.
  • Conduct an office purge. Conducting an office-wide purge before you move is a great way to save space at your new office as well as save time and money during the office moving process itself. Ask employees to dispose of any unneeded documents and materials before moving and also take a hard look at any cubicles, furniture, filing cabinets, equipment and fixtures that can be disposed of to save office space as well.
  • Reserve loading docks and elevators in advance. Keep in touch with both your current and new building managers. Be sure to reserve loading docks and freight elevators at both locations several weeks in advance to ensure your office relocation goes seamlessly and without any last-minute complications.