Tuesday Tips: Organizing Your New Office

office organizing

Welcome to this week’s edition of Tuesday Tips!

This week, we’ll take a quick look at how to keep your new office organized and efficient. Commercial moving in New York City can be seen as a great opportunity to maximize efficiency in your new space and optimize it for your employees. While commercial moving may also seem like a chore a lot of times, it can in fact be very beneficial to your company over the long run if you take the opportunity to reimagine your office space in a way that can boost your business. To that end, here are a few tips to keep in mind on how to organize your office space once the commercial moving process is complete.

  • Wrap up computer cords to help save space in your new office. It’s a simple but effective way to keep your employees’ workstations organized and efficient.
  • Consider vertical storage for office content such as files and books. If your old office seemed to be overflowing and bursting at the seams with files and books scattered about, try shelving units and bookcases instead. This can keep your office much less cluttered and easier to navigate.
  • Optimize your floorplan to maximize efficiency and your employees’ workflow. As you begin the commercial moving process and start to draw up floorplans for your new office space, take the opportunity to maximize efficiency and try to reimagine how your employees can work quicker and more easily. For example, an old office floorplan may have had several teams that collaborate frequently on the other sides of the office. Your new floorplan, however, can place them next to each other to maximize collaboration and communication. In addition, you may want to consider a more open floorplan to help promote communication and coordination among employees.
  • Optimize you daily office activities into one area. In the same vein as optimizing your new workspace to promote employee communication and coordination, your new floorplan should also place any daily office activities in a logical and organized hub to cut down on the time they take to be accomplished. For example, all packing and shipping supplies should be located in a single location to maximize efficiency.
  • Utilize a central cloud location for key documents. This is an outstanding way to keep organized digitally and store key documents and files in a single, easy to access location. Google Drive and OneDrive are just two great options to consider for this.