Tuesday Tips: Moving Your Startup from a Shared Workspace into an Office

Work Office

In recent years, co-working offices such as WeWork have proved to be a major asset for New York City’s thriving startup scene. As startup firms grow and thrive, they often have to look into office moving to find a new, permanent office space to call their own. This poses a unique challenge for startups used to office sharing environments, especially considering that they’re often not used to office moving. However, by keeping a few simple tips in mind, your startup will find that your commercial moving project will go much more seamlessly and smoothly than you think!

  • Define your new office environment. Office moving to a permanent location of your own is your chance to really define your company! When moving into your own office, choose your vibe carefully. Do you still want a laidback, casual feel like you’re used to? Or will it be more formal and professional? How your office looks can have a big impact on attracting new talent and making a first impression on potential clients!
  • Hire professional office movers. It’s only natural that a lot of startups have a DIY attitude when it comes to a lot of things. Commercial moving, however, really shouldn’t be one of them! Office relocations are often too time-consuming and complex for startups to handle on their own. Instead, leave it to the professionals while you focus on growing your business instead.
  • Ensure that any digital infrastructure is up to par. It goes without saying that startups require top-notch digital infrastructure to grow and thrive, especially in a competitive place like New York City. Before signing your new office lease, confirm that the location has adequate high-speed Internet connections, Wi-Fi access and the like.
  • Backup critical data. Before you start packing and labeling your IT equipment, be sure to backup any critical data in advance of your planned move. This can easily be done with a cloud service, manually or with a dedicated backup program. It’s a great insurance policy to have when you finally get into your new office!
  • Pack and label any IT equipment carefully before moving. Last but certainly not least, be sure to label and pack any IT equipment very carefully when getting ready for your office moving project. Mislabeled equipment can cause serious business disruptions, especially in the short-term as you’re adjusting to your new office. It’s also important to carefully roll up any cords and pack sensitive equipment with extra bubble wrap or other protective material.

Photo Credit: Public Domain via Pixabay