Tuesday Tips: Moving Your Tech Company

Welcome to this week’s edition of Tuesday Tips!

For this week, we’ll take a look at a few commercial moving tips for tech companies in New York City. Commercial moving projects for tech companies and startups poses a number of unique challenges. When combined with the fact that many tech companies and startups have little to no experience with commercial moving, it can certainly be even more daunting. Following a few simple tips, however, can help your office moving project go smoothly. Here are just a few to keep in mind!

Backup your vital data. Before your commercial moving project actually begins, always be sure to backup any critical data on your servers. This is something that can be done manually or with a cloud service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. It’s a good insurance policy just in case something goes wrong!

Make sure your digital and electronic devices are labeled clearly. If you’re labelling your CPUs and other critical tech equipment yourself, make a point to do so carefully and with great care. Mislabeling equipment can send it to the wrong employee or totally different department, creating new headaches your company doesn’t need!

Roll up your cords and pack everything with care. It goes without saying, but too many tech companies and startups having to deal with day-to-day business may feel like it’s okay to do a rush job when packing just to get it done before the deadline. This is a mistake! Instead, take your time and pack carefully to ensure that all of your computers, digital equipment and other critical components make it to your new office in one piece. It’s also a good idea to roll up any cords tightly and placed them carefully in your moving crates for easy and quick unpacking and setup in your new office location.

Update your online presence before moving. Before your office relocation project starts, update your website, blog, social media accounts and the like several days before moving. Doing so can make your transition easier for your customers and clients.

Choose your new office with care. Whether you’re moving from a shared workspace to your own office, from Manhattan to Brooklyn or anywhere else in between, be sure to choose your new location and floorplan with care. Your company’s finances should of course be taken into account, but your office relocation is also an opportunity to create a new vibe that allows your employees to thrive creatively and better attract your talent to your firm.