Tuesday Tips: Moving Your Startup Company

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Tuesday Tips!

This week, let’s take a quick look at office moving for startups. Startup companies in New York City often see rapid rates of growth in their early years… meaning that an office upgrade is due in the future! However, the unique nature of startup companies means that extra care must be when office moving. Startups are often inexperienced and make critical mistakes when moving, costing them in the future. If you’re planning to relocate your startup, be sure to keep these offices moving tips in mind!

  • Choose Your Office Vibe Carefully. Moving into a new office is a great opportunity to redefine your office climate. Startups and tech firms thrive off of creative and unconventional workplaces, allowing their employees to relax, be creative and think freely. If you feel your current office is too stuffy and doesn’t reflect the type of image you want to project to potential talent and clients, look at office moving as a way to redefine your company.
  • Update Your Digital Information. Startup and young tech companies, by their nature, conduct a lot of business online. When getting ready to relocate, always make a point to update your company’s website and social media contact information, Yelp account, Google My Business information and the like. Also, be sure to update your email signatures to reflect your new address and contact information too.
  • Take care with your physical office content. While many startups are naturally concerned with their online presence and digital equipment, it’s important to take care of your physical office content too. Take a hard look at your desks, chairs, cubicles, furniture and the like and consider how much you need to take to your new office or if new office content is instead needed. When moving, always carefully label your physical office content and ask your office movers if any special care or requirements are needed.
  • Always be sure to backup critical data. Always backup your digital data before moving; it’s just too important not to. This can easily be done with a backup program, cloud service or manually as well. Don’t take any risks!
  • Mark and pack your electronic and digital equipment especially carefully. Equipment that’s lost or sent to the wring person due to poor labeling can have serious consequences for startups.  Always be sure to carefully mark your content that’s moving as well as pack up any cords or sensitive digital equipment extra carefully before the office moving process begins.