Tuesday Tips: Moving Your Law Firm

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Tuesday Tips!

This week,  in a place as busy and crowed as New York City. With your firm as busy as it is with new clients and cases each day, how can your office relocation be accomplished on time and budget?

Fortunately, keeping a few simple tips in mind can move your office moving project surprisingly seamless and smooth. To that end, here are just a few tips for commercial moving for New York City law firms and legal offices!

  • Communication is key. Communication is vital for any commercial moving project, but with law firms is takes on an especially critical role. Always be sure to notify former and current clients of your move as well as any opposing counsels and other regional law offices as well. In addition to this, be sure to notify your local and state bar associations, insurance companies, banks and financial institutions you’ve worked with over the years or plan to in the future.
  • Update your physical and digital addresses and announce your move. As with any office relocation, alert the post office to your new address and also make a point to update your website, blog and social media profiles too. Your move should be announced several weeks before it actually occurs in a number of ways, including email newsletters to clients, social media updates, website edits and the like.
  • Purge your office and prioritize efficiency. Law firms are often overwhelmed with legal documents, client files and the like. Several weeks before moving, conduct an office purge to remove any unneeded documents, furniture, fixtures, equipment, cubicles and the like to make your move quicker and more economical. It’s also a good idea to look at your office move as a way to prioritize efficiency and save space, time and money by switching to cloud computing for document storage, replacing horizontal filing cabinets with vertical ones and creating a more efficient office floorplan.
  • Move on nights and weekends to minimize disruption. Always move on nights and weekends. Doing so will minimize business disruption and allow you to hit the ground running once your new office is set up.
  • Meet your new neighbors – they could be sources for referrals! In your new location, take a little bit of time to meet our new neighbors. With any luck, they could end of being a great source of new referrals!