Tuesday Tips: Moving, Storing and Protecting Important Files and Documents

Office moving in New York City requires a lot of planning, coordination and teamwork. One important component of office moving that can’t be overlooked is the relocation, storage and protection of key files and documents when moving. Keeping your important documents safe, secure and ordered is critical for record keeping and ensuring that your business operations run smoothly once your move is complete. Disorganized or missing files can cause serious headaches for any business, so try to avoid this at all costs! With that in mind, here are just a few tips for keeping your important files secure and orderly when office moving!

Make copies of key documents. As your office moving project gets underway, try to make copies of critical files you need and keep them in a separate folder or filing cabinet. This way, if the original copies accidentally get lost, damaged or destroyed, your company will still have copies on file to allow for seamless business operations and access to important data.

Save critical documents on cloud storage. While making physical copies can help you stay organized and orderly, it’s also strongly recommended that your business save key documents on a cloud server such as Google Drive or Dropbox. This will add an extra layer of security and organization when moving files, as they’ll be saved digitally and not just physically.

Label all boxes and files moving very clearly. Companies of all sizes should clearly instruct managers and employees to take care when labelling boxes and cabinets containing critical files. Having a clear and organized labelling system will help ensure your documents arrive at your new office and go to the correct location right away.

Consider office storage for at least some documents. For companies looking to downsize or wish to have extra security when it comes to keeping their files safe, office storage should seriously be considered. Office storage gives you a peace of mind knowing your critical files are secure in an offsite storage facility, allowing you to focus on running your business without constantly worrying about them in your office.

Instruct employees to take care when handling key documents. Lastly, employees in charge of handling critical files should be specifically instructed on where they should be placed in preparation for the move and reminded to take extra care with them. Sloppy organization and poor labelling will only make everyone’s’ life harder when the move is complete!