Tuesday Tips – Labeling and Packing for Your Office Move

Office Moving

Commercial moving in New York City can certainly be tough. There are new office locations to scout out, office movers to hire and floorplans to draw up, among other tasks. Two critical commercial moving aspects that shouldn’t be overlooked are proper labeling and packing for your planned office move. If you’re company is planning on doing your own packing and labeling, read on for some tips on how to make the process easier and more efficient!

  • Be sure to label everything relocating to your new office. It goes without saying but really bears repeating: label everything that’s moving! If you’re careless when it comes to labeling, your commercial moving company won’t relocate any boxes or crates left behind.
  • Place smaller items into smaller bags or boxes. When packing, try to place smaller items such as pens, pencils and notepads into bags or small boxes before placing them into your crates. This way, you can stay better organized, keep track of smaller items easier and make unpacking quicker!
  • Wrap fragile items extra carefully. Be sure to wrap fragile items like picture frames in bubble wrap or newspaper. If you’re using corrugated moving boxes, be sure to label them as “FRAGILE” too!
  • Double check that everything’s labeled! The day before your big move, ask your employees to double check that everything’s properly labeled. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry!
  • Use color coding. Color coding is a simple but very effective way to make your move simpler. Assigning each floor or department a specific color for their labels can help your office movers better understand where each box or crate is going and is a great way to ensure accuracy during the moving process too.
  • Be sure to pack all filing drawers and supply cabinets. Don’t overlook those filing drawers and supply cabinets! A good idea is to assign a specific individual or small team to ensure that all of your cabinets and filing drawers are fully emptied and packed up before your move.
  • Conduct an office purge to minimize packing time and save money, time and space at your new location. Just before your commercial moving project gets underway, hold an office purge to dispose of any unneeded documents, materials and other office content. It’s a great way to save your business time, money and office space at your new location!

Photo Credit: Public Domain via Pixabay