Tuesday Tips: How to Downsize Your Office Before Moving

Welcome to this week’s edition of Tuesday Tips!

This week, we’ll take a quick look at downsizing and commercial moving on a budget. Let’s face it: New York City is an expensive place to do business! This holds true for companies of all sizes and sectors. Increasingly, many have turned to downsize to help cut costs. This entails commercial moving, which is an expense in and of itself. So how should companies go about getting ready to both downsize and prepare for a commercial moving project? Read on to find out!

Use office storage services. When downsizing before an office relocation, utilize office storage services if at all possible. They’re a great way to cut your moving costs and especially save space at your new location, saving your company money in the long run!

Hold an office purge before moving. As your commercial moving project gets closer to starting, always conduct an office purge beforehand. Office purges involve disposing of unneeded files, supplies and equipment before moving, making them a great way to save money before your office relocation project even begins!

Ask your employees for help. Enlist your employees’ aid when it comes to office moving. Ask them to take part in an office purge, pack up bins and strictly adhere to any guidelines requested. When everyone pitches in, you’ll find that your office move will be a lot simpler than you realized!

Utilize cloud computing for record storage. Using cloud computing systems is an outstanding way to save physical office space, thus making it ideal for companies looking to downsize. Cloud computing systems like Dropbox and Google Drive can store key files and documents digitally, cutting down or completely eliminating the need for expensive and bulky filing cabinets in your new office space.

Optimize your new space with an efficient floorplan. Rather than sprawl out your employees inefficiently, draw up a floorplan that maximizes efficiency, cuts down on the empty space and promotes collaboration. It’s a great way to save money on your lease!

Optimize your supply cabinets and in-office storage space. Finally, don’t overlook your supply cabinets and storage areas! Clean them out before moving and dispose of any unnecessary materials. Doing this will lighten your moving load, cut costs and save your company space at your new location!