How We Help with Office Space Decommission


When it comes to office movers in New York City, Eagle Transfer has soared above the rest for over 40 years, providing companies and organizations with top-notch service in commercial relocation. But did you know that in addition to specializing in office moving, and office storage, we also offer complete office decommission?

If you’re a company that is moving, downsizing, or reorganizing and your office furniture, equipment, or other assets are no longer needed, Eagle Transfer is your one-stop solution to make the process successful. We can help you liquidate your unwanted office items, anything from a few cubicles to an entire building, and return your space back to the original condition specified in your lease, which may contain very specific requirements.

Here’s a few things we can perform or coordinate when decommissioning your “old” space:

  • Visit your office, discuss your objectives, and compile an inventory of asset disposition, including determining what assets can be resold or donated
  • Based on specific client requirements and our expertise, provide a detailed project plan and schedule
  • Complete removal, liquidation, and disposal, including communication and network cabling
  • Floor sweep, wipe down walls, and vacuum carpet


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To have Eagle Transfer help with your upcoming New York City office move, call Niko Krommydas at 212-741-0404 or send an email to nkrommydas@eagletransfer.com