Tuesday Tips: Announcing Your Move

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Tuesday Tips!

This week, we’ll take a quick look at how to announce your office relocation to your clients, customers, vendors and the general public. Office moving in the New York City area can certainly be a complicated process. It’s important, however, not to let something like announcing your move fall by the wayside. Companies that neglect announcing their office moving process to the public and their vendors will almost assuredly run into a number of problems in the future, including lost revenue and scheduling issues which can impact your business’ growth for the long haul. However, keeping a few simple tips in mind can help you announce your office relocation smoothly and without a hitch!

  • Announce your move to the public with a multi-pronged strategy. This means utilizing a multitude of channels to get the word out to the public in a way that’s accessible to just about everyone. Just a few ideas for this include social media, email newsletters, radio ads, press releases, flyers, mailed postcards, blog and website updates and the like. This is a critical part of office moving should be done several weeks before you move and repeated until you’re at your new location!
  • Always update your vendors several weeks in advance. Be sure to make a checklist and ensure that all of your vendors are notified on a timely basis. In addition to this, be sure to update your utility companies of your move as well.
  • Update your marketing materials ahead of time. Change your business cards, letterheads and anything else that has your address on it to reflect your new location. This should ideally be done at least one to two weeks before your actual move.
  • Change your digital address too! In addition to updating your physical address and informing all of your vendors, don’t neglect to update your digital presence as well. This means changing your website, blog and social media profiles to reflect your new address and contact information. Given the popularity of online search engines and digital advertising today, don’t forget to do this!
  • Get to know your new neighbors! Finally, shortly after moving, try to get the word out to your neighboring businesses about your new location. It could be helpful to attend local Chamber of Commerce or business group meetings for networking and getting to know the area better.