Protecting Business Data During a Move

Protecting Business Data During a Move

Protecting business data is critically important to a business. Your data is one of your company’s most prized possessions (remember, your people come first!) But data breaches, leaks and theft can result in serious losses. If customer’s data gets exposed, they could sue you, leading to financial losses. If customer data gets misused or stolen, they’ll leave you – and possibly take thousands of other customers with them. This is why it’s important to protect sensitive data – even more so during a move.

Train Your Staff

Once your staff knows that a commercial move is imminent, they need to be trained on what to pack, how to pack, and how to protect their data. Your staff should be on high alert to protect their computer and to ensure of company data. All employees with laptops should be storing files on a secure drive or cloud-security based server, so if a laptop is damaged, lost or stolen, the data can be recovered. IT staff knows the best approach.

Inventory All Hardware

Well before the move, your IT staff will have backed up all data before any servers are relocated. In addition to backups, your IT staff should conduct a thorough inventory of all technology equipment – including printers, scanners, VOIP equipment, routers and end-user equipment like desktop computers. In addition to counts, the condition of the equipment should also be documented. That way, if a printer gets mishandled, you’ll know that those scratches weren’t there before the move. Important equipment should be photo documented, and the documents supplied to the movers if needed. If you have unique equipment like lab equipment, custom-built crates can be assembled to protect valuable apparatus.

Trust IT Staff

Your trusted IT staff should be the first line against data loss. They should work closely with your commercial movers, with a short list of who is permitted access to server rooms, clean rooms, etc. Your project manager will understand who is in charge of protecting the assets during the move – it’s important to identify who will have access to the sensitive data. This means that an office understands who is in charge of protecting the information during the move. It’s equally important to assign who will back up the data, who will handle the packing and loading of the computers and backed up files, and who is handling other associated tasks.

Be Smart When Packing

Monitors, computers, desktop scanners and other electronics should be wrapped in bubble wrap or soft packing like blankets and towels. Never use packing chips or Styrofoam chips which can break and get into small vents/fans – and they can carry static electricity. To be extra secure, you may want to tape over vents/fans during transit to prevent dust particles from getting in. Box electronics as securely as possible, filling empty gaps with bubble wrap. Be sure to mark these boxes as “fragile” but don’t write “computers” or “electronics.” Don’t advertise to would-be thieves which boxes are the most valuable!

Choose the Right Company for Technology Relocation

Many things can affect data during an office move. For example, temperature shifts can harm computers and storage devices and items can be dropped or damaged during the move. Additionally, theft can happen too. Since 1974, Eagle Transfer has moved more than three million personal computers, making us seasoned technology relocation experts. Don’t trust your valuable data to just anyone. We offer qualified, experienced and knowledgeable professionals who have been background checked for an additional layer of safety.