Every day, New York City has a huge number of companies downsizing, closing satellite offices or shuttering for good. While the most daunting task is telling staff that they no longer have a job, a close second is closing the office. Large-scale decommissions are complex and time-sensitive, depending on how many floors your office has, how many loading docks there are, and how many freight elevators are available.

Office Decommissioning and Liquidation
Office Decommissioning and Liquidation

Once the lease surrender agreement is in place, our professional team can assess the job and help:

  • Liquidate assets like chairs, desks and other office furniture.
  • Store items that you don’t want liquidated – documents, inventory or furniture – in our conveniently located warehouse.
  • Safely shred and dispose of sensitive paperwork, ensuring that your personnel files (and customer files) won’t end up in an unprotected dumpster.
  • Dismantle and dispose of computers, racks, printers, copiers and other office machinery, ensuring that they’re wiped of data and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Ensure that the space is left in “broom-swept” condition, which entails clearing the office of all furniture, cables, and equipment. Cubicles will be disassembled and removed and the office will be cleaned. (Most commercial lease agreements require tenants to restore the space to its original condition upon move out. If a space isn’t left in good condition, the tenant could be fined by the landlord.)

For more than 45 years, Eagle Transfer has been the superior commercial mover and office storage company in New York City. Our experience and professionalism set us apart from the rest – especially when dealing with sensitive decommissions and liquidations. If your company is faced with this difficult business decision, let Eagle Transfer make it a little easier.