Its Not Just Moving, It’s Moving & Storage

Many times when organizations relocate there is excess inventories of furniture, equipment, technology, and miscellaneous items. In all too many instances, companies turn to the management of their new buildings to provide them with storage at a cost that is normally 50% of their office rent. At a first glance, this may seem like a bargain. However in many cases it is not. A more cost effective option may be to seek storage from your commercial mover. Eagle Transfer has a quarter of a million square feet of storage space at its headquarters, “The Bloomingdales Building” in Long Island City. The building was originally designed for Bloomingdale’s excess furniture inventory. It’s three tiered custom racking system may be a cost effective option for organizations looking to save some cash of storage services.

Eagle Transfer, located at 23-02 49th Ave in Long Island City, is the only New York City mover to be self contained in one location. Our 250,00 squarefeet of storage space, all our vehicles and equipment, and our corporate offices are all housed together. The synergies, work efficiencies, and cost savings that this configuration provides are all major contributors to Eagle Transfer’s four decades of success.

Moving Tip: When your company is relocating, it is always wise to take small personal mementos with you prior to the move, then bring them to your office on Monday morning.

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