Eagle Transfer Making Moves

Our Recent Relocations

Eagle is in the Process of completing a 3000 person relocation project for Credit Suisse . The move is taking place at their NYVC Campus at Eleven and One Madison Ave. Eagle is relocating all their Information Technology, contents and Executive Floor.

Eagle recently completed the Decommissioning and Liquidation of the Intercontinental Hotel so that the Hotel can commence their Renovation Project.

Eagle recently completed a 250 person relocation for MTV/Viacom from 1540 Broadway to 1515 Broadway. Eagle moved all Information Technology, Audio Visual Equipment and Furnishings.


Project Managers going above & beyond 

As mentioned earlier, Eagle Transfer is fortunate to have some of the top project managers in the commercial relocation industry. With a combined 100 years of experience and an encyclopedia knowledge of every possible facet of the moving & storage business, they are the “quarterbacks” of the “Eagle Move Team”. With a strong work ethic, a “can do” attitude and tremendous people skills, they often make the impossible seem ordinary. They strive to form working partnerships with Eagle Transfer’s clients which produce a professional and seamless relocation project.

On a recent morning, one of our Project Managers recieved a frantic call form a client that had two large trucks of inventory to unload to their warehouse and as luck would have it, a broken freight elevator. The trucking company was on a tight time schedule and was comtemplating leaving due to time delays. This shipment was critical for the client as it contained merchandise for a huge national sales event at theit 75 retail locations. After surveying the situation, the project manager was able to have a series of ramps constructed and a Hi-Lo strategically placed to replace the broken freight. The client was able to successfully unload their merchandise and have it ready for their big event.

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