7 Things You Need to Do Before Your Big Move


So, your company has finally decided to make the big move. Congratulations! But… where exactly to begin?

Office relocation for any size company can be a stressful and chaotic time. However, by taking a few simple steps, you can ensure that your company move goes efficiently and without any hassle.

Make a Detailed Checklist

The first order of business is always to create a checklist, preferably several months in advance of the move. Be sure to mark down everything that needs to be moved and engage employees about how they can help with the relocation too.

Devise a New Floor Plan

Start by drawing up a new, intuitive floorplan early in the moving process and share it with your employees. This will avoid any last-minute scrambles or confusion once your company arrives at its new home.

Organize Your Moving Crates and Properly Label Everything

Keep your moving cartons well organized, preferably keeping a few extras on hand just in case. Always clearly and consistently label every device, appliance, furniture or anything else that’s being moved, as this will prevent them from being lost or given to the incorrect employee once the relocation finally happens.

Notify Customers, Clients and Any Organizations that Require an Address Change

Always notify your customers, clients and any organizations that might require an address change several weeks in advance. This will help to keep them in the loop and avoid any confusion.

Hire a Relocation Company

Hiring a relocation company is obviously a critical part of any move. With a relocation company, you can continue with day-to-day operations while leaving the hard part with the professionals!

Unplug Electronic Devices and Have Employees Do Their Part

When it comes to electronic devices and computes, always properly label them and wrap their cords up nice and neat. This makes them easier to transport and much less likely to become lost or entangled, both of which can cause major headaches after a move. Be sure to have your employees pitch in and do their part as well.

Hold Pre-Move Meetings with Employees and the Relocation Company

On moving day, keep in close contact with your relocation company and smooth over all the details pre and post relocation. Keep your employees in the loop to and make sure they know what’s expected of them.