5 Tips for Packing Up Your Office

office moving

Commercial moving in New York City can be a stressful time. Crates need to be packed, floor plans drawn up and a plan in place to hit the ground running as soon as the move is finished. Though packing up your office can be a hassle before a move, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. By following these five simple tips, you can make sure your relocation goes a lot smoother when it comes to packing up your office supplies and other important materials.

Make a Checklist First

Before your move, always create a checklist for what you need – and don’t need! Doing this can help you keep track of what you need to pack up, not to mention make some space by throwing out what you don’t need.

Wrap any Fragile Devices or Items Extra Carefully

The last thing you want to see on Monday morning in your new office is a broken picture frame. If you have fragile items or devices like pictures, artwork and the like on your desk, always take a minute to wrap or pack them extra carefully with bubble wrap or foam peanuts. It’s a quick but effective way to make sure they stay in one piece during the move.

Back up Your Computer

Always back up your computer just in case before you move, as this will help keep any critical data from getting lost by accident. Taking an extra minute to dust off your computer and remove any old notes or documents on it is also a way to make it look brand new after your move!

Separate Drawer Components into Separate Crates

It may be tempting to throw everything from your desk drawers into one big crate, but taking the time to separate them into smaller, clearly labelled crates or small boxes within your crates can help save you time unpacking and avoid confusion once the relocation is complete.

Label Carefully

Finally, by clearly labelling all of your crates, you can ensure they make it to the right person, are easy to identify immediately after the move and avoid any confusion when unpacking.