Office Moving on a Tight Budget

office moving

Moving into a new office in New York City can be stressful. Having a tight budget can make it even more so! Fortunately, there’s no reason to panic. Many companies – whether they’re restructuring, downsizing, in the midst of an economic downturn and anything else in between – often relocate on limited budgets. Doing so can be tricky, but certainly not impossible by any stretch of the imagination. By following these simple but effective tip, you can help make sure your relocation goes smoothly – and affordably!

Throw out Anything Unnecessary

Look at moving time as an opportunity to purge your office of anything unnecessary. By cutting down on what needs to be transported or stored, you can save money and limit the amount of unpacking you need to do in your new location, saving time and energy.

Create a Realistic Budget

If you’re on a tight budget, it’s important to think frugally and cut out any needless expenses. Creating a simple Microsoft Excel chart to map out your budget and expenses can help to keep track of all your expenditures and plan ahead. It’s also important to budget for any unexpected “surprises” that might await you in your new office, such as faulty wiring or a cracked window.

Enlist “All Hands on Deck”

Engaging all employees with your move can help make the work lighter for the whole company. Ask them for tips and ideas that might be useful in cutting expenses, unpacking more easily or simply making the move go more smoothly in general. Assigning pre-move responsibilities to specific employees and creating a public checklist are great ways to make sure everyone is involved with the relocation efforts and contributes at least a little bit.

Plan Ahead

Above all, always plan ahead! Create a checklist several weeks in advance so everything is mapped out. In addition, it’s always important to keep in close contact with your commercial moving firm to address any questions before they arise and become problems on moving day. Planning ahead will help your move go smoothly and seamlessly – even if you’re on a limited budget!