Moving Electronic and Digital Devices: Tips to Keep in Mind


Commercial moving in New York City can be difficult, especially when it comes to relocating your computers, digital devices and other electronics. Especially great care needs to be taken when packing and shipping them; failing to do so could prove to be a costly mistake! Improper packing and handling could lead to damaged equipment, which in turn will almost certainly lead to new headaches down the line. Therefore, its critically important to handle electronics and computers with care for a safe, seamless and secure move that leaves them all in one piece.

Keeping a few simple tips in mind can help to keep your computers and other electronic and digital devices safe during your corporate relocation in New York City. Following these tips can help to make your move efficient, smooth and hassle-free. After all, the last thing you want to see on Monday morning in your new office is a broken electronic device in your crate!

• Create a written checklist of all electronics devices, cords and other sensitive components inside each crate after you pack it up. This will help you identify the items you need quickly and efficiently and help you keep track of what you’ve moved.
• Never overstuff crates with sensitive electronic and digital equipment, as doing so can be risky during the transfer process. Instead, pack carefully and smartly by using multiple crates if necessary.
• Wrap up your cords for electronics and other devices carefully. This can help prevent them from being entangled or damaged during the relocation profess.
• Label your cords and smaller components before packing them. Doing so can help you keep track of which components go to each device, cutting down on setup time on Monday morning.
• When packing, be sure to place any larger, heavier electronic devices firmly on the bottom of the crate and place smaller devices on top or wedged on the side of the crate between the larger devices.
• Remove any discs, memory sticks and other small devices from computers before packing them in your crate.
• Take a minute to wrap smaller electronic and digital devices extra carefully before packing them.