Focus: The Relocation of Law Firms

The New York business landscape is populated by over 10,000 legal firms. Their relocation and servicing requires an exact level of accuracy, thoroughness and professionalism.

Library, Records & Files

The lifeblood of any law firm relocation is in attention to detail. Eagle Transfer’s Project Managers must meticulously allocate each linear foot to a specific location at the new office space. Then each item must be packed into library carriers, securely relocated and then precisely unpacked.

Library, Records & FilesPartner Furniture & Contents

Eagle Transfer is often called upon to pack an entire partner’s office and recreate the exact layout (including the papers on the desk!) at the new location. Digital pictures are taken to assure that when the partner walks in Monday morning, it is business as usual.

Furniture & Contents

Laptops & Other Valuables

Eagle Transfer in often asked to handle small valuables in the course of legal relocation. This can range from laptops to special awards and partner’s personal furnishings. To further assure the safe delivery of these items, Eagle developed the use of Security Carriers for this purpose.


Strange But True!

During a law firm relocation, Eagle was approached by a senior partner with an issue of grave urgency; “How are you going to relocate my full sized stuffed tiger?” Eagle Transfer’s solution was to have a carpenter come on site and build a custom sized crate to assure this “one of a kind” item made it safely to the new office.

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