Essential New York City Office Move Tips For Any Size Company

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There are a lot of steps when it comes to office moving, and today we’ll take a look at how you can make your office relocation in New York City more organized and efficient. While office moving can seem complex and hectic, simply being prepared and prioritizing an organization can make your office move seamless and efficient. Here are some essential New York City office move tips that will benefit a company of any size, from small startups to large corporations.

Plan ahead: Once your company has decided to move, start the planning process early. To stay as organized as possible, create a commercial moving calendar and checklist. Creating a calendar helps to prioritize what needs to be accomplished by certain dates while a checklist can also help keep your move organized and on-track. Dividing each task into smaller steps to make the process more manageable can also be advantageous

Keep everyone informed: Ever hear of the term, “business as usual”? When a company decides to move, it must still operate effectively and efficiently. Managers and supervisors need to know how the moving process will affect business operations. Designating a specific point of contact to coordinate the move and direct all moving-related questions to, such as an HR manager, can help to minimize confusion among employees and ensure that all questions are answered quickly and efficiently. Moving organizers should keep all employees up to date on the process with regular reports. Doing so is a great way to lighten the pre-moving workload as well as prevent a few people from being overwhelmed by having to manage too many tasks related to the move.

Purge before moving: For a more organized and efficient office relocation, conduct an office purge several days before you start packing. Encourage employees to be responsible for their own workspace and ask them to go through their files and dispose of any non-essential documents before moving day. Request that team members are finished clearing personal items  from their space before moving day.

IT involvement: IT is a critical component of any New York City office move, and involving your IT team in the moving process from an early stage will ensure the process goes smoothly as they’ll need time to plan out how to transfer equipment to the new space. The IT team may also want to see the new office location in advance to ensure compatibility and make any necessary upgrades ahead of time before move day.

Clearly and consistently label everything: Not labeling items efficiently and consistently can create an organizational nightmare. Many top New York City commercial movers like Eagle Transfer have a fantastic project-management team that will implement a color coding system and clearly label each location in the new office where the equipment should be delivered. This way, when it comes to move, items will be transferred seamlessly.

Move outside of regular business hours: Moving during regular business hours can be disruptive and slow down your company’s efficiency. Also, specific to New York City, buildings may not let get more than two elevator trips during normal business hours. Not to mention having to share with deliveries from FedEx, UPS, etc. Instead, move on nights and weekends to minimize business disruptions and ensure your move is more organized.

Update company address and phone number: Updating your company’s address and phone number is an important step that can be overlooked. Order new business cards and update your address and phone number everywhere it appears on your company’s website. Prior to the move, make sure to inform your company’s clients and vendors of your new address. Make updates to your company letterhead, website, social media profiles, and across all online channels.

Stick to the plan: Sure, things change. But stick to the original moving plan you created as best as possible. Clear communication and thoughtful organization will make your timeline easier to stick to, and make the moving process smoother for everyone involved

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