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Commercial Storage Companies in NYC: What You Need to Know

Commercial Storage Solutions in NYC: How to Choose the Right Company In today’s fast-paced business world, efficient storage solutions play a crucial role in managing a company’s inventory, documents, and equipment. But how do you choose the right one? Reputable commercial storage facilities offer businesses a convenient and secure way to store their valuable assets. …

The Rise of Residential Conversions

NYC’s Commercial Properties are Transforming. Here’s Why. Hey there, New Yorkers! Have you noticed something interesting happening in the city lately? It seems like a transformation is taking place, as more and more commercial properties in NYC are getting a facelift and turning into cool residential spaces. Eagle Transfer has been in the trenches with …

What to Look for in an Office Liquidation Company?

What to Look for in an Office Liquidation Company Hiring office liquidators can help corporations efficiently and responsibly dispose of excess office furniture and equipment while potentially recouping some of the costs associated with these items. The reasons to hire liquidators are many. Maybe you’re relocate your corporate office to new location as a result …

How to Plan an Office Move

A complete guide from an NYC commercial moving company. Any company that’s ever moved within New York City knows how complicated – and stressful – it can be. As the leading NYC office moving company, Eagle Transfer is here to help you plan your office relocation, ensuring a successful move.Start planning as early as possible. …

Liquidating an Office: A Difficult Decision

Liquidating an office due to business closure is one of the many headaches a business owner or manager needs to address. There are so many difficult decisions that need to be made when closing a business, telling staff… informing customers… discontinuing service… the list of unpleasant tasks is endless. And disposing of years of work …

Got Too Much Stuff? Our Office Liquidators Can Help

Liquidation is just one of the many services Eagle Transfer offers. Office liquidation involves selling off excess or unwanted office equipment and furniture. If you’re downsizing to a new office space with fewer square feet, you may need to liquidate furnishings. And if you’re closing an office location, you’ll want to get rid of everything …


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Commercial Office Moving NYC
Commercial Office Moving NYC