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Five Tips for Communicating Your Office Move to Employees

Five Tips for Communicating Your Office Move to Employees Communicating your office move can be a delicate matter. Whether you have an internal communications person or team – conveying the news about an office move is a big deal. And the larger your company, the bigger the task. It’s critical that you’re open and honest, …

Protecting Business Data During a Move

Protecting Business Data During a Move Protecting business data is critically important to a business. Your data is one of your company’s most prized possessions (remember, your people come first!) But data breaches, leaks and theft can result in serious losses. If customer’s data gets exposed, they could sue you, leading to financial losses. If …

Timeline of a Corporate Relocation

Considering a Corporate Relocation? Here’s a Timeline Downsizing. Upsizing. Right-sizing. A better Manhattan neighborhood. A more commutable neighborhood. A building with more amenities. The reasons for considering relocating your business could be many. With all of the planning involved, a corporate relocation can take a year from start to finish – less depending on the …

Packing Up Technology: Five Tips You Need to Know

Whether you’re an office of 10 or an office of 100, relocating to a new corporate space is complex. Aside from your human resources, (your people!) technology equipment is one of the most valuable assets your company has. If one person’s computer is lost or broken during a commercial move, that person can’t work – …

What is Decommissioning? Top 5 Things You Should Know

During the lockdown – and now in “the new normal” – work-from-home mandates mean less need for commercial office space, and many large corporations have closed offices permanently in favor of working from home forever. Thousands of Manhattan-based offices have have tapped Eagle Transfer to move or close their offices. Eagle Transfer is highly skilled …

Commercial Storage in NYC: We’ve Got You Covered

Commercial relocation involves a lot of moving parts. (No pun intended!) Sometimes a company may need to leave their current space before they can move into the new space. During that transition time, employees are encouraged to work from a temporary office – or to work from home. But what about all the office equipment? …


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Commercial Office Moving NYC
Commercial Office Moving NYC