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Safeguarding Fine Art: A Moving Company’s Guide to Moving Precious Masterpieces

Moving fine art requires meticulous planning, careful handling, and a trusted team of professionals. Whether you’re relocating a priceless portrait of your company’s founder or transporting valuable artwork for a gallery exhibition, ensuring their safety and preservation is critical. Eagle Transfer is here to offer guidance, considerations, and preparation tips to safeguard your priceless treasures …

Seamless Transitions: Eagle’s Expertise in Moving Labs and Health Facilities

Moving a laboratory or health facility demands meticulous planning, expert coordination, and a deep understanding of the unique challenges involved. Eagle Transfer – NYC’s leading commercial mover since 1974 – has emerged as a trusted partner for organizations in the healthcare and research sector seeking seamless transitions to their new facility. Precision Planning for Health …

Is Office Relocation Right for your Business?

Many professionals spend more time per day in their office than they do at home. And with commuting to an office, comes routines. Favorite spots near the office – the deli with the best Reubens. The pub with the best happy hour. A 1-minute walk to the gym after work. So, if you’re considering relocating …

Downsizing Your Office? How Commercial Storage can Help Your Business

Downsizing: Storage Can Be the Answer Here’s the situation: You’re an office manager, in the middle of planning a corporate relocation. You’ve found your new office space. It’s perfect. Overlooking the Hudson. Childcare on-site. Convenient to the subway. And significantly smaller than your current space, which was the goal. Everything is moving along smoothly. Boxes …

Which Type of Office Storage Solution is Right for Your Business?

Which Type of Office Storage Solution is Right for Your Business Looking for office storage in NYC? If you’re a business owner or an office manager in NYC or any of the boroughs, it’s no secret that office storage/commercial storage is tight. With the average price for commercial space in NYC hovering at nearly $700/ …


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Commercial Office Moving NYC
Commercial Office Moving NYC