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Proud to Work in the Community – Eagle Transfer in Partnership with Columbia University

Columbia – the prestigious Ivy League university in the center of our city – began renovations on one of their dormitories this past June. As part of their Housing, Sustainability and Construction Business Initiatives and Columbia’s ReUse Program, Columbia wanted to ensure that the furniture being emptied from the dorm rooms wasn’t being dumped into …

A Seamless Move: Navigating Medical Office Relocation in NYC

Moving a Medical Office in NYC? Everything You Need to Know. Attention Healthcare professionals! If you’re considering relocating your medical office in NYC, you might be overwhelmed. That’s why Eagle Transfer the leader in commercial moving in NYC is here to tell you everything you need to know for a smooth move. From maintaining patient …

Your Need-to-Know Guide to Commercial Storage Solutions in NYC

Commercial storage in New York City is a tricky situation. Space is at a premium. Getting anywhere can be challenging – and then add in commercial and it’s near impossible. (It’s no wonder that people leave perfectly good furniture on the sidewalk all the time – they don’t want to pay to move it and …

What’s the Best Time of Year for an Office Move in NYC?

Expert NYC Commercial Movers Tell When’s the Best Time for an Office Move.   Man, it’s a scorcher out there. At the time when this blog is being written, it’s 87º in Manhattan. But with all that nasty humidity – and the blasts of heat coming up through the subway grates – the “feels like” temperature …

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Business in NYC? A Complete Guide.

Relocating a business can be an exciting venture, opening opportunities for growth and expansion. But when it comes to commercial moving in New York City, there are numerous costs to consider beyond the standard expenses. Some of them are obvious to trained professionals, and some hidden. From permits and logistics to labor and downtime, Eagle …

Commercial Storage Companies in NYC: What You Need to Know

Commercial Storage Solutions in NYC: How to Choose the Right Company In today’s fast-paced business world, efficient storage solutions play a crucial role in managing a company’s inventory, documents, and equipment. But how do you choose the right one? Reputable commercial storage facilities offer businesses a convenient and secure way to store their valuable assets. …


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Commercial Office Moving NYC
Commercial Office Moving NYC