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The IT Checklist for Technology Relocation

Ah, technology. What would we do without it? Computers, printers, scanners, VOIP phones… they all make work more productive, don’t they? But when it’s time to relocate your New York City office, moving the technology can feel daunting. If your company has hundreds of “seats” (computers) your IT department will be fielding questions left and …

Should I choose a national moving company or a local moving company?

Lately, if feels like so many businesses in NYC need to move for one reason or another. “My lease is up and I need to move.” “I’m downsizing and I need to move my business.” But you may be asking yourself “How do I move my business?” Here are the top three reasons why you …

Disaster Scenarios: Why Choose an Experienced Commercial Mover

If you’re looking for an experienced commercial mover who says they operate in New York City, you want to make sure they really know the ins and outs of Manhattan. We’re not just talking about one-way streets, but they really know what it takes to perform a multi-faceted relo in the City. Estimating correctly: “Is …

Top 5 Things to Look for in a Commercial Mover

Top 5 Things to Look for in a Commercial Mover Corporate relocation is no joke….just ask our team of experts who have been doing it since 1974. Here are the top five things you should consider before signing a contract. Reputation A slick web site means nothing. Only a reputable mover with recommendations from recent …

Top Five Things to Look for in a Warehouse

All warehouses and storage facilities are not the same. Some offer pick and pack services, some are storage only. Some are long-term, some are short-term. Often times, businesses need storage due to a lack of space at their office. Or there may be a gap during the commercial moving process, creating a need for commercial …

Case Closed: Relocating a Manhattan Law Firm

Timing is everything. But sometimes, timing doesn’t work out. When a company’s lease is up – but the new office space isn’t ready for occupancy – Eagle Transfer can make it work. We recently serviced a large Manhattan law firm who had a gap between their leases… a 10-week gap. No small feat, but this was …


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Commercial Office Moving NYC
Commercial Office Moving NYC