Downsizing Your Office? How Commercial Storage can Help Your Business

Downsizing: Storage Can Be the Answer

Here’s the situation: You’re an office manager, in the middle of planning a corporate relocation. You’ve found your new office space. It’s perfect. Overlooking the Hudson. Childcare on-site. Convenient to the subway. And significantly smaller than your current space, which was the goal.

Everything is moving along smoothly. Boxes are being packed. Your moving company’s project manager is finalizing the minute details of moving day. Then, with moving day mere days away, you discover one critical flaw in the space that you’d overlooked. There’s very little storage space. And due to your business’ legal requirements, you need to keep hundreds of boxes of paperwork for several years.

What do you do?

Hopefully, you’ve chosen a commercial mover with storage capabilities.

Eagle Transfer not only offers professional commercial moving services, but we also offer commercial storage. Long-term and short term storage is available in our temperature- controlled storage facility.

Not only can we pack up your office and relocate your business to a new address, but we can also parse out the items that you don’t need on-site and store them in our state-of-the-art warehouse. You’ll have full access to all your inventory through an online inventory management system – plus you’ll have detailed records of what’s arrived and what’s been loaded out. Best of all, our secure warehouse is just minutes from Manhattan, so you’ll have the proximity and convenience of a NYC-storage facility, without the inflated pricing.

If you find yourself in a bind like this one, looking for affordable storage solutions surrounding an office relocation, look to Eagle Transfer – NYC’s leader in commercial moving since 1974.