Is Office Relocation Right for your Business?

Many professionals spend more time per day in their office than they do at home. And with
commuting to an office, comes routines. Favorite spots near the office – the deli with the best
Reubens. The pub with the best happy hour. A 1-minute walk to the gym after work. So, if
you’re considering relocating your office, it’s a huge decision that affects costs and budgets,
vendor relationships – and the well-being of employees who commute there. Eagle Transfer –
an expert in New York City office relocation – is here to help you decide “should you move your
office… or not?”

Assessing Growth and Space Requirements

You may be looking around at boxes piled high and file cabinets filled to the brim… but does
that really mean you’ve outgrown the space? Start by evaluating your company's growth
trajectory. Is your current office space accommodating your expanding team, or do you find
yourself constrained by limited square footage? Are there spaces you can repurpose? Should
you do an office clean-out and purge files, storage rooms and cubicles? Be sure to consider
future projections and whether your existing space can support the addition of new employees,
equipment, and collaborative spaces.

Technology and Remote Work Trends

After the pandemic, many businesses downsized offices in favor of a remote workforce or
hybrid work model. It’s important to determine if your business model allows for flexible work
arrangements, which might reduce the need for a centralized office or open up possibilities for
a hybrid approach.

Employee Well-being and Productivity

Conduct an anonymous survey or a town hall meeting. Gauge employee satisfaction with the
current office environment. Is the building old and difficult to heat and cool? Are there
complaints about the workspace being too cramped, noisy, or lacking in amenities? Another
important factor – especially in Manhattan – is the commute. A relocation closer to public
transportation or with better parking facilities can significantly impact morale and productivity.

Cost Analysis

It’s no secret that commercial real estate in the city is pricey. As you begin looking at
properties, you’ll want to conduct a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of the potential
relocation. Consider factors such as leasing costs, moving expenses, and any renovation or
setup costs for the new space.

Industry and Market Trends

Some neighborhoods are more desirable than others – especially for retail operations or
restaurants. Consider how your company's image and market position might be influenced by
the location of your office. A prime location can enhance your brand and attract top talent.

When you decide it’s time to say goodbye to your office space and relocate somewhere new,
Eagle Transfer can bring you packing, moving and set-up expertise, at competitive prices.
Deciding whether office relocation is right for your company is a complex process that requires
careful consideration of various factors. Look to the experts before your decision is final.