Before, During and After Your Office Move

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It’s no secret that commercial moving in a place as busy and complex as New York City is tough work. It’s a complicated, intense process with a lot of moving parts and little room for major errors. However, by following a few simple tips for commercial moving in New York City, you can help to ensure that your office move goes efficiently, seamlessly and smoothly.

It’s generally a good idea to divide your office move into three phases: before, during and after your move. This will help you break down what needs to be done for each phase and create a checklist of important items for each one. Here’s a quick look at the basics as to which phase involves.


The phase before you begin commercial moving in New York City is critical. It’s in this phase that you must ask important questions and hash out the details with your office moving company. Always meet with your moving firm to address any questions or issues immediately after they arise and also be sure to finalize your floor plans and designate a point-of-contact for employees for any moving-related questions during this period.

In addition, be sure to contact your insurance company during this time to address any concerns, meet with your IT team to ensure a smooth transition, finalize when the move will take place and arrange elevator and loading dock reservation in both your current and new office buildings. Finally, make a point to communicate to employees what they need to have done before the move begins.


Communications with your moving firm and employees is key during this phase. Be sure that your employees have packed up their desks on time and that a pre-move meeting is held with your moving company as well.


Your move may be complete, but there’s still more to do! During this phase, be sure to take an inventory of any items damaged during the move and conduct any floor plan rearrangements if needed. Also, it’s generally a good idea to make a checklist of outstanding issues that still need to be addressed once everything is settled down.